100 things we have learned the past years

Holding myself to the highest standards of creative and technical excellence. Every one, regardless of the scope of his/her lifecycle can expect nothing but the best from what I’ve learned..


Opportunity always exists

Opportunities are always surrounded as well as we are breathing alive. Success is created when preparation meets opportunity. Success star when we company the right people, read the appropriate book, and explore the things we love. Dreams are beautiful, but not enough to exist. Planning needs the mind to think and the body to make an effort.  By determination and practice, someone can have a hobby he didn’t have. Keep trying, asking, learning new things. Everyone should wake up from his dream and see that we can.

01 June 2012


Keep it simple, stupid (Kiss)

Although “Take it easy ” is a common proverb, Humans didn’t understand it. We usually overcomplicate very simple aspects when we are drawn to unmade decisions or even not existent things.  We waste our time comparing unequal things why they aren’t the same.  However, simplicity comes from understanding our decision since man is a lazy being. This time, let’s as designer think easy. In Design, the more we are able to understand it, the product is probable to gain maximum market share. All the process needs to start convincing ourselves that it is already easy. Don’t ask yourself if you can do it the right way or not; just say, repeat it, and be sure.  

29 April 2021​


Everything has a reason

We’re part of some grand plan. Our world works rationally and reasonably sometimes, we experience loss or pain. However, when good things happen, you’ve most likely worked for it.  Like a design, we can design every factor in our lives, but realistically we can’t control everything. The past is a memory, the future is unknown, and the present is a gift from God. The only time we possess is “now”.

18 April 2021


Meet new people

Communication is overwhelmingly impressive and necessary in our life. It is like drinking water. We gathered together to share ideas, stories, and perspectives.  We will face both good and bad aspects in this journey. If we want new things or skills, we have to start a new company whether with new people, habits, or thinking. Keep exploring more relations, catch the good and leave the bad, then you will meet success, so don’t forget to enjoy it.

18 April 2021​