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eToy App - Get more toys with etoy… Swap, sell, give your toys with a friendly app design

Exchange . Earn . Encourage

Every family wishes to see their kids have values ​​and morals, they do their best to create a healthy environment around them. What if society becomes healthy for them already?

After many studies on modern education, it became clear that Arabs generally have a strange culture, which is stacking kid’s toys in the room without paying attention to the toys appropriate for their age, which creates a selfish nature and lack of sharing! Here was our mission as Layouti in creating a friendly app design, which facilitates the idea of ​​a gift, exchange, or sale of toys that contributes to teaching your kid good qualities.

People working in the project
UX reseach & design:
Yaser Nazzal, Dia Nazzal, and Hala Abu Al-Failat
UI design:
Yaser Nazzal
Saad Nabil & Ahmed Abdelstar
In depth
Why eToy App?
How it works?
Being Alone Together
Used Research Methods

Scope of work for the mobile app

From the design strategy to user testing, these are the UX design steps that were taken to create a usable eToy App

Process timeline

1. Kickoff

We will go deep into the root of your problem and identify your potential audience, which the solutions will be, and why they are.

2. UX Research

We will artfully research, understand and analyze the causes of the problems to find appropriate solutions for you.

3. Ideation

We will bombard all ideas, putting them on the table to find the solutions and will not stop at just a clear solution.

4. UX Design

We will bombard all ideas, putting them on the table to find the solutions and will not stop at just a clear solution.

5. Branding

We will help you design responsible coloring strategies that create transformative change to improve continued success.

6. UI Design

We with our UI design combine accessibility and usability with your content and marketing goals for the users.

7. Optimization

We will create it, putting your target audience in mind in the first place to ensure them the best experience for your product.

Etoy friendly app design idea

The story of etoy app began with a group of friends discussing the challenges that Arab mothers face in raising children, and how it has become difficult for our children to acquire good qualities in this openness. Then they talked about many ideas related to families and the nature of Arabs to have many useless things in the house. We all agreed that the cycle of improvement begins with the mother and the father, who are the seed through which the good tree is thrown. 


From here came the idea of ​​creating a friendly app design that connects parents from nearby areas to each other to exchange games, gift them, and so on. This teaches kids participation, tolerance, innovation, and other good habits.

Task description

Layouti’s mission is to create a friendly app design to implement this innovative eco-friendly idea. This application will be able to connect parents to each other in the same local area to share with their kids exchanging toys, giving them, or selling them to another kid to make him happy. The application also shows you the appropriate games for your kid’s age.


Discovery & Strategy

UX design

UI design


App development

Website development

Dashboard development

Admin app Development

Team Size


TIme frame

18 months


Environmental & Social app

What’s etoy?

Etoy is a safe friendly app design that aims to create a healthy environment for raising future kids by acquiring good qualities. By sharing their preloved toys with other kids through exchanging, gifting, or selling. The important thing is to break the rule of the pyramid of toys and to be convinced that the few toys that are appropriate for a kid’s age are able to make him innovative.

Challenges & Objectives

One of the most important challenges that face us was to create a quick, easy, and smart friendly app design full of features and categories to suit all ages of kids and be easy to use for parents.

Easy communication

Etoy app works to facilitate parents together in the same area and increase the number of kid’s friends by swapping, giving, or selling preloved toys to make another kid happy. 

Improving kid’s morals

Tolerance, sharing, and happiness for others are qualities we hope to have in our kids, kid’s exchange of their preloved toys with other kids will earn them good qualities.

Community development

Our kids are the future, an important factor in the development of society, so raising them on good foundations participates in the development of the future of our society.

Let`s check etoyapp process

Business strategy

etoy is not just an application, it is a world for children and their toys with parents share of course, so his study was very deep. Before we start designing anything in etoy, we understood all aspects of the problem from many parents, we proposed solutions and we also heard solutions from them. Answering all the questions to start working on a sound basis. We moved to the user research stage to embody all solutions in an easy and simple design for the user. Also analyzed a lot of steps and tested a lot until an unparalleled application came out with us, carefully studied, from the idea to the design and use.

Main features

Having an app like etoy in itself is an advantage! All the features that distinguish etoy app support its basic features, namely, switching, gifting, or selling games. We were not satisfied with that only, so we had to think of a reward to encourage more parents to participate in this noble work, so we decided to reward each user for every transaction that takes place through the etoy app with points, these Points can be exchanged in the future for gifts from etoy.

User Flow


Components design

Mobile Apps

In designing applications, we follow consistency to make the user feel comfortable. etoy app is a friendly app design, you can navigate easily, in addition to the search button, which makes it easy for you to access what you want.

Export screen

The main default page is the Discover page; it contains all the toys added by users in your country. The page will display the toys sorted by the nearest to your location.

Each toy card contains the most important info that the user needs to know at glance; the image of the toy, the suitable age for this toy, the title, and the category of the toy either (Free, Swap, Paid).

The page contains the search option where the user can filter the toys list according to specific criteria.
A clear action “Add New Toy” is shown on this page to make it easy for users to recognize.


Save money

The expenses spent on purchasing kids’ toys are horrible! By swapping, giving, or selling the preloved toys through etoy app with another kid, parents saved a lot of money.

Save time

Lots of time is wasted in shopping, in etoy app, everything is done online, all you have to do is choose the appropriate toy and follow the safety instructions when receiving it.

Healthy environment

Creating a healthy environment starts from home, it’s the small environment for your kids. Our goal is to swap the pyramid of unwanted toys to make another kid happy.

If we build the product in time and budget and users simply do not engage with it, then we will have successfully achieved failure.

Thanks for watching!

Feel free to share your thoughts on the design and our presentation If you have a business proposal or if you want to hire me just contact.


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Hours spent of design

1 Year

Time spent of development

In Depth

Behind the Scene

All the problems and crises that we face in our daily lives can be converted into useful ideas and projects that aim to develop people and society. Hence the idea of ​​etoy app spring from a discussion with some Arab parents about the difficulty of children. Children have also become rebellious and have qualities such as selfishness and non-participation. How can we overcome this problem, save our children, and elevate our society?

Part of the problem we’ve been discussing is that we spoil our kids too much. I will ask a question for you, how many toys do your children have? Children get a lot of toys on their birthdays or other occasions, therefore we have a pyramid of toys that may be duplicated, or not suit our children, remaining a little part of them that our children play with!

About 40 million toys are discarded every year? Which leads to waste, pollution, and climate change. All this made us think of a solution, we had to keep pace with the era of digitization by creating etoy app to solve all the previous problems in a fast and easy way.

The idea behind ​​etoy app is to facilitate the communication of parents in the same local area to start the process of swapping, gifting, or selling the preloved toys that are simply useless, the purpose is to make another child happy and at the same time save money, decluttering your home, and benefit from these toys that will be their fate throwing in the waste. The app will also teach your child how to share, re-use, and protect the plant.

We designed etoy to be a healthy, easy, and fun community. We had to create an enjoyable user experience in it.

Why eToy App?

The joy that you see in the child’s eyes when you hand him your preloved toy brings happiness to your heart, teaches your child to give and share, and also makes new friends. It also teaches your child responsibility, choice, sacrifice, and planning. With etoy, your home will be tidy and you will save money. As for society, it reduces the use of plastic that is harmful to the environment and reduces waste.

How it works?

etoy app is open to everyone who believes that good toys should live long. It will be available on the Play Store, Apple store & Huawei store. Through the etoy app, you can swap, sell, or gift toys. For every transaction, etoy will reward you with points that will turn in the future into gifts from etoy to encourage and reward you for participating in building a clean and healthy environment.

Being Alone Together

The idea behind the app is to give an innovative and environmentally friendly app that puts you in touch with other parents in your local area with whom you can swap, take or give up a toy-making another child very happy.
The app will also teach your child how to share, re-use, and protect the plant, all while saving money and decluttering your home.
This app will make a difference by reducing pollution, raising awareness & teaching kids to be responsible.

Used Research Methods

Before starting the project, we used a user survey asking users especially parents about:

How often do their kids have new toys?
What are the problems they face with the kid’s toys?
Are their kids get bored easily from their toys?
Have they ever got used toys from other friends’ kids, how do their kids feel?
What do they do with their kid’s unwanted or unused toys?

The results showed us that all parents are suffering from the following:

How to get rid of the unused toys they have.
Their kids get bored easily from toys and want new toys which are too costly to buy new toys again and again.
They got used toys from kids friends or sisters/brothers kids and their kids were happy as it is a new toy for them.